What if it were possible to be ANCHORED, CONNECTED, & CLEAR?
You can shift...now.

"Lydia guides you HOME to yourself. Welcome home! She helps you reconnect or meet for the first time parts of yourself you forgot. She's a GUIDE back to yourself. What could be better?" - LS, New York

What does it mean to come HOME to yourself?

I believe when you connect to your SOUL TRUTH, your deepest HEART CENTER, you begin to embody the TRUEST version of yourself.

HERE'S THE KEY: It is ALWAYS going to start with your body.

Your BODY gives you access BACK to your intuition ("better angel", "inner being", "new mindset", "higher self" - terms my clients have used).

"Lydia's sessions are powerful and impactful. She possesses a wealth of knowledge about the body and has a deep understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection. I find her guided grounding and breathing exercises to be some of the most deeply relaxing experiences. Thanks to her coaching and recommendations, I had several breakthroughs that have positively impacted my life. She is a wonderful healing guide that I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with."
GERI B Business Firestarter, Coach, Speaker
"I had really fun sessions with Lydia. She made the whole energetics and leaning into your intuition so much easier and more relatable. I have been struggling for a while, but she was very encouraging and I felt so comfortable talking to her. I finally got some clear direction. Thanks for everything! :)"
RHENA F Dancer, Choreographer

WHY is it important to RECONNECT with your INTUITION and your BODY's Wisdom?

Because we have ALL been SO conditioned to NOT trust our bodies.

When we are connected, 
our inner voices tell us:
- when our boundaries are crossed,
- who are good people to connect with,
- when to follow our dreams,
- when to recommit to a behavior that has really helped us  

but we don't listen or even sometimes HEAR It...  

How would it feel if you received the SUPPORT to connect and gain ACCESS to that strength within?

Let's open up the inner dialogue with you and your body, with your intuition, with your Truth, create a safe space, and get that SHIFT.

If you already resonate, click below for a consult.

"I received more out of my sessions with Lydia Grace than I could have imagined. She leads you to discover what the issues are and how to overcome them. There’s an instant connection.

She skillfully guides you to work through the stories we create and hold us back. She creates a safe place for you to be open, raw and express yourself. When it’s done, I feel like I just had a massage. Every muscle in my body was relaxed and I felt at peace.

Facing the stories we create head on has been a life changer. I carry myself differently. I stand up straighter, I’m more assertive and less passive. I feel a sense of energy that radiates from within. I am grateful to have found her."
~ Evelyn M.


You're a recovering perfectionist.

You won't let yourself celebrate your successes and keep seeing what should be improved. It's exhausting, you're over it, and you're ready to SINK Into CELEBRATION. The days of struggle are over.

You want that awesome combo of both spirituality AND science-backed info.

You need the process to be spiritual so you can allow your imagination and creativity be a BIG part of creating your life and growth. BUT you also need it to be grounded in science, in research, and meet the demands of your intellectual side.

You HAVE created success in your life but not consistently. You want that BACK but this time to STAY.

Why doesn't shit work for you? You've tried stuff others do and it seems to work for them, so why not you? Is there something wrong? No way! It's about tuning into YOUR inner wisdom. When you stop following the crowd, and tune into YOU, the flow begins. Let's do this!

You KNOW there is a way and are tired of searching.

Effort is overrated. You are ready for the EASIER way, the flowing, graceful, and gentle way. BUT you need it to be effective. You want the support. You're SOOOO ready for this SHIFT!


When I take on new clients, it really matter to me that we are a good fit for each other. As I am not a Licensed Therapist, I do not take on clients that need therapy and if you are unsure, the consult can bring you that clarity (some of my clients also work with therapists). Coaching requires the client show up with a certain level of independence in how they want to move forward in life, where they also recognize they need support. I can't do the work for you whether it be in sessions or in between sessions. I cannot show up MORE than you either. I match the level the client is will to show up for themselves. Please consider the following. 

  • You are in a Physical or Mental Health Crisis 
  • You are currently dealing with SEVERE addiction, mental illness, or PTSD. 
  • You are not in a space financially or time wise to invest in yourself in a big way (currently Lydia's private coaching packages start at $5k).
  • You don't really like mental, emotional, or somatic processing.


I'm Lydia. I have worked with hundreds of women helping them tap into their INNATE and POWERFUL intuitive capabilities through DEEP listening of their bodies, emotions, and energetic experiences.

I work with women who SEE they are capable of more, who tend to over think, overanalyze, feel paralyzed in decision making at times, but are also people pleasers, empaths, and even caretakers. The women who step into my containers show up anxious, fearful, sometimes in places of lower self-worth. They leave feeling EMPOWERED, KNOWING their undeniable worth, and shifting their relationships, jobs, and income levels with ease.

I'm not here to play small. The women I work with aren't either! They know they are meant for more. I'm so looking forward to meet you and facilitate massive shifts and DEEP healing so you can FULLY be ANCHORED in who you KNOW you were meant to BE, now, for good.


You've seen success. But it hasn't been consistent or predictable. You know it's cuz of your spinning anxious thinking. If you only you could calm your shit down and STEP IN FULLY to your TRUE self...But How? The SHIFT Is HERE, waiting for you. Support is here. Community is here.