Intuitive Body Healing aka BodyTalk

Lydia believes in the body's innate ability to heal itself when given a safe, facilitated space to do so. Our bodies are amazing and our current society has conditioned us to repress and ignore our body's communication for balance. As a consequence, we end up with chronic illness and pain, which has frustrating effects on our daily lives and relationships.  When we can cultivate a compassionate and neutral space for the body to communicate and have a place to balance itself, wonderful results are possible.      

I love integrating the abstract with the concrete. As a hands-on practitioner for most of my career I have come to understand how deeply intuitive we all are as humans and how much is happening way beyond our conscious minds and understanding from science. I have personally been receiving BodyTalk for almost two years and have reaped amazing benefits from this modality.      

I am here for those that feel open, curious, and resonate with these words. This type of facilitated healing space is not meant for anyone who feels deeply skeptical or has needs that first require medical and emergency intervention.

Lydia is currently offering 20% OFF your first session.

"This was so much more than I expected. It totally confirmed my body's intuition that I have been ignoring because of what other's have said. You were able to go straight to my issues without me even telling you."

Ashly K.
California, USA

"I am in awe right now of how our bodies work. I am blown away. I feel so much more tuned into my body's wisdom to "surrender. Go with the flow and where it is guiding and trust your intention." I feel much more in my body after these sessions, more grounded, and more connected to me."

Elizabeth F
Matchmaker, California, USA

My stomach issues have gotten a lot better since we started doing sessions. After only one session I lost 5 lbs and that's amazing since I've been trying to lose weight for 2 years. I feel lighter. I feel really positive about this whole experience so far and definitely want to continue.

Stacy H
Relationship Coach, MN, USA

"I feel excited and free. I am shocked by how accurate every piece of the healing was. You pinpointed exactly what my issues have been without me even saying one word about it.My jaw kept dropping. I deserve to heal! I feel so much lighter and happier."

Lacy B
Toronto, CANADA

Lydia is Currently Offering 20% OFF your first session

A BodyTalk session considers the whole-person: emotional, physical, genetic, beliefs, and environmental influences. By doing so, your natural healing system is enhanced bringing optimal balance and communication to all cells and systems.  This improved communication is vital for present and long term health and well-being.    

BodyTalk integrates the latest discoveries from science, physiology, genetics, psychology, quantum physics and ancient wisdom of eastern medicine to help reconnect lines of healthy communication within all levels of the body-mind.  

Health challenges arise for a variety of reasons.  BodyTalk practitioners are trained to look at the whole-person: emotional, physical and environmental influences - the true underlying causes of "dis-ease" can be revealed.  

Every choice, and every experience in your life, has contributed to your current state of health. BodyTalk takes into consideration your whole-story. Your life-style, genetics, and history are all drawn upon to establish a personalized approach to health and wellness that brings about lasting changes.